Essential Faith Oil - Aura

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The cult classic success of the original Essential Faith was undeniable evidence that there's nothing sexier than individuality- after all, the barely-there blend of exquisitely soft, musky oils was less of a perfume in any traditional sense and more a supercharged enhancement of your natural essence, blending seamlessly with each wearer to smell distinctively different on anyone. With Aura, the intoxicating original Essential Faith formula returns with an appropriately subtle supplement, a perfectly portioned dollop of exquisite vanilla, which adds a warming, seductive twist to the sublime freshness of the original. Creamy, cozy, not overly sweet, this is vanilla that glows with ambered tones, drawing people in for an unforgettable closer sniff. A divinely delicious second skin, Aura may not be for those who like their fragrances loud- but for those who value being true to themselves above all, it's downright essential. 5ml